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Bridge Washer Uses to Prevent Damage

Your gut instinct when you construct anything is often to make it as tight, secure, and strong as possible. When you're using nails, it means hammering them all the way in. When you're using screws or bolts, it means tightening them down with all your strength. The problem that you may run into is that over-tightening certain tools can lead to damage on the material you are working with, especially wood. Bridge washer uses can be the solution to this problem.


You Need Washers

Washers act as a sort of buffer between a material and a bolt head. They help to disperse the pressure from the bolt head a tiny bit so that the bolt can be screwed in more tightly. Bridge washers in particular are usually made out of cast iron and are most suitable for wood (like on bridges or docks). Instead of digging or tearing into the wood, the bolt head presses down on the washer, which prevents damage and keeps the bolt securely in place.


When Working With Wood

If you're looking for a way to properly secure your bolts without causing damage to the wood with which you are working, bridge washers are the solution. Even if you happen to be working with other materials that could be damaged by the bolt heads you are using, consider a washer to help make the bolt tighter and keep your material undamaged. Call (800) 603-6887 today for details about bridge washers and other construction supplies available at Copper State.