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Top 3 Benefits of Using Castle Nuts

Have you ever been thrown off a bicycle because of a loose screw? Castle nuts are an excellent choice for securing wheel bearings due to their simple yet revolutionary design.

Slotted like a parapet, castellated nuts look distinctly different from other self-locking varieties. These clever fasteners are installed in conjunction with a cotter pin, which is inserted into a pre-drilled hole through the externally threaded rod or axel. The pin wires are then secured between the nut's slotted face, creating an effective positive locking device. This assembly offers three key benefits.

1. Easy Application

Many nut designs require the use of a wrench throughout the entire installation to ensure proper torque. This can be difficult when threading a simple wheel bearing, for example, as you also have to hold the axel in place while rotating the nut. Castle nuts, however, can be initially threaded by hand. In complex mechanics, the fastener does need proper torque; however, for simple applications like bicycles, a castle nut is relatively easy to use.

When tightening the nut, simply rotate it until the holes meet the next notch

2. High Performance

As a positive locking device, a castle fastener is more secure. Low-torque applications like wheel bearings are subject to a significant degree of vibration and movement, often causing nuts to come loose. When secured with a pin, however, a castle nut is not permitted to move at all.

3. Reusability

Finally, unlike a self-locking nut, castellated fasteners can easily be removed and reused. You may be locking in your equipment, but you are not locked into commitment. Furthermore, you can easily find pre-drilled threaded axels from a variety of quality online suppliers.

Consider using castle nuts for a more stable connection. You will be riding that bike with ultimate medieval protection. Call (800) 603-6887 today to learn more about castle nuts available at Copper State.