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Staying Safe When Using Grinders and Grinding Tools

A grinder is a very important tool for many aspects of construction. They can be used on steel, iron, plastic, tile, and so much more. Because they are useful for so many applications, there are some individuals who may not consider safety every time they pull out a grinding tool. The truth is, grinders are power tools that pose a safety hazard when not used properly. Therefore, they should always be used with safety in mind. The following are some tips that will help you stay safe the next time you use a grinder:

  • Prepare the Workspace – It is important that you don’t have other tools lying around, getting in the way. Freeing your workspace of any clutter can make it easier to get in and get the job done quickly and safely. Proper lighting is also an important aspect of workspace preparation and should be considered. If you need an extension cord, be sure that it leaves a clear area for which to run to the tool.
  • Prepare Yourself – Be sure that you wear safety goggles, ear plugs, proper gloves, and steel-toed shoes. This equipment will protect your body if something goes wrong or if some materials fly up during the grinding process.
  • Prepare the Grinder – You should always inspect grinders before using them. Be sure that there are no loose or missing pieces, that the power button works properly, that the guard is in place, and that the handle is secure.

Grinders are great tools for a variety of projects. In order to stay safe while using them, however, individuals should prepare their workspace, themselves, and the grinder as well. Call (800) 603-6887 today for more safety tips or to learn about the variety of grinders and grinding tools available at Copper State.