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Hand Tools

Power tools and specialty equipment have become increasingly common in garages and workshops across the nation in the past few decades. Nowadays, many projects that once would have needed to be done in a professional shop can now be done right at home. However, no matter how many pieces of specialized equipment you have, a good set of hand tools is still an essential part of any worker’s toolbox. Below are just some of the high quality hand tools you will need to complete just about any job.


A good hammer should be well balanced and have a cushioned grip so it’s comfortable in your hand. A hammer with a head that is too heavy or light can bend nails or drive them into a surface unevenly.


A screwdriver is another important hand tool that you may find yourself using often. Most people can get by with two screwdrivers: a flathead and a Phillips, which should be sufficient for most common types of screws you encounter.


A good wrench is useful for a number of different projects around the house. Get one with an adjustable head so that you can loosen bolts and pipes when you need to. A wrench with a flexible head is also a valuable tool for getting into tight spaces.

Stock your toolbox with essential hand tools to make jobs both small and large a whole lot easier. Call (800) 603-6887 today for information and pricing on the wide variety of hand tools available for sale at Copper State.