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Hard Hats for Every Purpose

Staying safe while on the job is essential if you want to be able to continue working and providing for your family. Safety gear is designed to allow workers to get the job done while also staying protected from any hazards that may arise. When it comes to head protection, hard hats are the best way to remain safe while performing construction work. Copper State Bolt & Nut Co. offers a wide range of construction safety gear to help ensure the well-being of employees at your job site.

What Does a Hard Hat Do?

If workers are wearing hard hats properly, they should be able to stay protected against objects that could fall from above, such as pipes, beams, or other materials. They also protect employees' heads from possible contact with electrical hazards. A bump on the head while on the job can not only be frustrating, it can also be dangerous, causing concussion and brain injury. A full brim hard hat can help ensure that your employees stay free from injury.

Hard Hat Types

A hard hat can come in many different shapes and sizes, as well as varying levels of hardness. In general, there are three classes of hard hats:

  • Class A hats protect against impact and penetration from falling objects and protect against electric shocks up to 2,200 volts.
  • Class B hats provide the highest level of protection against impact, as well as electric shocks up to 20,000 volts.
  • Class C hats are lightweight and do not offer high-voltage electric shock protection.

Protective headgear can also have different features, like a sun-blocking brim on a front brim hard hat. Choosing and using the right hard hats for your needs is the best way to keep your employees safe on any project. Call (800) 603-6887 today to learn more about the hard hats and other construction safety gear for sale at affordable prices at Copper State.