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Power Tools

Power tools have revolutionized the way skilled trade workers perform their jobs since their creation in 1895. Through innovation after innovation, this incredible invention has grown and adapted to create a seemingly endless number of tools to fit a variety of different applications. Today, anyone can perform labor intensive work for their homes or businesses in a timely manner with the use of electric tools. Drilling, shaping, cutting, sanding, routing, grinding, polishing and painting are just a few of the many areas of construction work that have been improved by power tools.



Power tools have come a long way over the years to become what they are today. Electric motors are now smaller and more compact than ever, allowing for even easier, faster work to be performed. Battery powered versions are also popular, offering the efficiency of regular power tools without the bother of a power cord. Some tools use compressed air to function while others harness the power of gasoline and oil. No matter the energy source, every type of tool has grown and evolved over the years to become the best possible tools for making their intended tasks faster and easier.



These tools are an incredible help to workers in many industries, but they deserve and require a lot of respect while being operated. Without proper training in using each individual tool, injuries can and do occur. Always take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and those around you while operating any power tool. Call (800) 603-6887 today to learn more about the wide selection of quality power tools and accessories offered by Copper State.