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Properly Anchoring Materials in Place With Rods & Studs

It might surprise some homeowners how much they ought to know about different types of construction materials in order to accurately carry out home improvement projects. You don't have to be a contractor to know what rods & studs can be used for around your home.


Different Types for Different Projects

There are a lot of different types of rods & studs to choose from for all kinds of projects. You can get studs that are completely threaded, which is great if you need them to pass through something and can secure them with nuts on either side. Single end studs and double end studs are both perfect for anchoring. They have one end for driving into a material and another for screwing a nut in place. To secure your stud or rod, put it in place and then thread a washer (if needed) and a nut onto it.


Use the Right Materials

Whenever you go to anchor something in place, remember to use the right material for the job. If you're putting up something heavy, you probably want to use something sturdier than a plastic rod to hold it in place. Rods & studs come in many different sizes and materials. Whether you are anchoring furniture, putting a decoration on the wall, or constructing a building, the only way to make sure the job gets done right is to use the materials most suited for the job. Call (800) 603-6887 today for details about rods & studs and other construction supplies available at Copper State.