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Stainless Steel Fasteners

Stainless steel fasteners are tough and reliable materials that are useful for practically any construction job. A wide variety of different kinds of fasteners can be made from stainless steel. They are usually sold in bulk and are cheap enough that many people choose to buy more than they need so that they always have some on hand for projects big and small. Here are some of the stainless steel fasteners available from Copper State – your favorite hardware retailer.


Bolts are the long metal fasteners designed to pass through holes in two or more surfaces to hold them together. Some bolts can be screwed into place and will stay put without having a backing placed on them, while others require nuts and washers to form a secure hold.


Nuts are round pieces that screw onto the backs of bolts to hold them in place. They are generally used when the bolts are holding two freestanding pieces together. They come in a variety of shapes for use on different surfaces.


Washers are used together with nuts and bolts to form a tighter seal at the point of connection. They are generally used on pipes and other materials that might spring leaks to prevent liquid from seeping out or air from getting in.

Keep your workbench well-stocked with stainless steel fasteners and you will be ready for any project that arises. Call (800) 603-6887 now for information about the vast assortment of stainless steel fasteners available at Copper State.