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Tape Measure Uses

Nearly every toolkit is equipped with a tape measure. The way to use the tool is dependent on its size; a 25-foot tape is not used in the same way that a 100-foot tape is used. There are also certain features on the tool that can allow you to measure distances with greater accuracy.

Knowing the Right Size For You

If you intend to use your tape measure in a predominantly indoor setting, then the 25-foot model is the appropriate choice for you. This tool is divided up into 16-inch increments, and it is perfect for measuring the distances in between wall studs. The 100-foot tape is used for primarily outdoor measurements, and it is most commonly employed when property boundaries are being determined.

Measuring With Precision

The hook that is attached to the end of the tape can be particularly useful for maintaining accurate measurements. You may think it seems too loosely attached, but it is designed that way to provide your measurements with greater precision. The various markings on the tape are helpful as well. Determining where studs should be placed is a common task for many people, and the markings are able to guarantee that you complete the job correctly.

Depending on the type of tape measure you own, there are many ways to utilize the tool. It is an essential component of your toolkit and a helpful device for a variety of construction projects. Call (800) 603-6887 today to learn more about tape measures available at Copper State.