Feb 19, 2014

Eye injuries in the workplace result in 20 percent of temporary and permanent vision loss among adults. This is why reliable safety glasses are so important in workplaces where common eye hazards occur. Crews safety glasses, or glasses made by another reliable manufacturer, are one of the best ways to cut down on workplace injury. They also boost morale among workers who will feel safer and more appreciated when you provide them with high quality safety glasses.

Eye Injuries on the Job

Eyes are delicate organs, and workplace eye injuries can easily cause permanent vision loss. Even in cases where sight is partially or totally recovered, long-term side effects like pain and blurred vision may persist. If an employee receives an eye injury in the workplace, the employer is often liable. This may result in a large worker’s compensation payout and increased insurance premiums. It is in everyone’s best interest, therefore, to provide safety glasses to employees.

When to Require Protective Eyewear

There are a number of different job-related hazards that can lead to an eye injury. Airborne particles or dust can enter the eye and cause an abrasion, as can sparks thrown by tools or machinery. Chemicals or other corrosive substances can also cause eye injury if they splash into a worker’s face. Finally, workers who are often exposed to UV light or radiation should also take measures to protect their eyesight.

Selecting the Right Protective Glasses

Safety glasses come in a number of different sizes and materials. OSHA guidelines outline which types are approved as protection from each particular workplace hazard. You can also check these guidelines for information about approved brands of eye protection and requirements for training your employees about keeping their eyes safe. Be sure you have enough protective glasses on hand for all your employees, as well as extras to give to guests or to provide last minute replacements for broken or lost glasses.

As you can see, it is important that you provide proper protective eyewear to your employees. From preventing workplace injuries to protecting your company from lawsuits, there are many benefits that you will experience when you choose the right eyewear for your workers. Call (800) 603-6887 now for details about the quality safety glasses and other protective eyewear offered by Copper State.