Jun 10, 2016

Loose, boxed, or plastic-packed construction screws hold your work together. Variety, material, and high-quality mean something to construction pros. Absolutely necessary to the stability of your work, they come in a variety of sizes, grades, and material to serve the whole range of construction applications.

1. Deck Construction: Exterior decks and railings need super rust resistant fasteners. Long thin-pointed zinc screws afford that weather protection and offer Phillips or square bugle heads for easy drilling. Flat head Torx screws come in lengths from 1.5" to 12" with recessed tops that prevent slipping when drilling into dense materials. Also in yellow zinc, you can use the trim head Torx screws between 2" and 3.125". 

2. Drywall Fasteners: You want drywall screws appropriate to the application.  For example,  select what works best for drywall, wallboard, and metal or wood joists. Bugle heads protect the material from breaks and tears while preventing the head from pulling through the drywall. Selecting the 0.105" width and the #2 point makes drilling into metal smoother and easier.

3. Framing Screws: If your application calls for fastening panels to metal studs, you will prefer the tek point screw, pan head for outdoor construction or the sharp point, pan head for interior jobs. Zinc coated Reamer Screws are specifically for attaching wood to metal because small metal wings widen the drilled hole to ease the action and let the flat screw head lie flush at the surface.

Of course, there are Lathe Screws, Roofing Screws, Self-Drilling Screws, and more. Whether you run construction or pre-construction, build-outs or large scale developments, you want and need the construction screw that promises easy and efficient application, as well as the quality and cost-effectiveness that lets you compete.

Copper State leads in the manufacture and supply of construction screws, fasteners, and construction tools. The Copper State customer service is built on relationship building by a team of product and applications experts. They remain ready with info on your needs-to-know like Safety Data Sheets and regulatory standards. They will help walk you through product submittals, customer credit, and distribution logistics.