Why Bolt Bins on the Job Site Are a Must

Jun 03,2016
With bolt bins, you're able to quickly and easily find not only the original component needed for your work, but fast alternatives if something changes or needs better support. If you opt for a model with drawers or pull-out trays, the bins themselves can also be re-organized depending on need. If c…
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Quality Construction Anchors Essential Part of Every Project

Jun 01,2016
Quality construction anchors are an essential part of every building project and they come in two main types of mechanical and chemical.
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The Merits of Using Nuts & Bolts As Reliable Fasteners

May 25,2016
If you are getting ready for a huge industrial contracting job, you want to use nuts and bolts to get the job done right. Since contractors have to work with heavy machinery, there are instances where you will need to replace old nuts with new ones. This means you will have to know which ones are …
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Benefits of Torque Washers

May 23,2016
A torque washer is a type of washer designed for use in a soft, penetrable material in which a bolt would probably not be able to stay fastened tightly inside. For instance, bolts can come loose in soft woods over time, especially if the surrounding environment is prone to cause significant warping,…
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Usefulness of Fastener Assortments

May 17,2016
There are many different fasteners that are crucial when it comes to construction. That’s why at Copper State we provide every type of fastener that contractors, retailers/wholesalers, or large companies might need. Here are just a few examples:
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