Why You Need a Copperstate Bolt

May 11,2016
Fasteners like bolts, screws, nuts and washers are crucial when holding large things together as well as securing them in place for a safe environment. They connect things like planes and decks and secure structures by enabling stable and sustainable infrastructure. Whether you are looking for suppl…
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How Fastener Kits Can Help You

May 04,2016
Finding the right fastener for the job isn’t always easy. For a maintenance technician or installation crew, it can mean the difference between getting the job completed on time or having to put everything on hold. Having an assortment of fasteners in stock can be key to getting each job done right.…
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The Nuts and Bolts of Left Hand Hex Nuts

May 03,2016
Copper State Nut and Bolt Co. has specialized in offering the finest quality fasteners and related products since 1972. They offer zinc and stainless steel options that will accommodate all your current and ongoing projects.
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When to Use Structural Tools

Apr 11,2016
Structural parts are integral parts of sustainable constructions of infrastructure. They play an important part in ensuring structures are stable, and you should not install them lackadaisically. There are several options when it comes to structural bolts; however, you need to select these bolts car…
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Looking for Specific Angle Brackets?

Apr 08,2016
Are you looking for specific angle brackets but can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Well, at Copper State, we carry everything contractors, retailers/wholesalers, and large companies might need when it comes to construction supplies, and that includes perfectly fitted brackets.
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