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Copper State is a trusted supplier of production fasteners and related hardware to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) industry sector. With a priority of outstanding quality of product and service, we offer reliable production and consumables support options and services to match your production needs.


We provide full-time dedicated vendor managed inventory (VMI) services as integrated support within your operation. We additionally utilize product forecasting techniques, EDI, and other systems integration methods within our inventory agreements to manage and maintain appropriate stock levels. We also manage blanket orders and release schedules to ensure that you are receiving the product quantities you need on time, every time.


Copper State supplies common fasteners, customer specific products, per print items, and much more within our broad product offering and product capabilities. We produce custom kits and assemblies with customer specific packaging and identification, streamlining your production line operations and/or simplifying your end-user installation processes.


To simplify purchasing and delivery, we manage your bill of materials (BOM) and provide just-in-time (JIT) product shipments that match your needs and prevent overstocking. We supply product to manufacturers within the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and provide direct shipments to customer facilities throughout the world.


Not only is Copper State an outstanding distributor of products to support our OEM customer base, but as a domestic manufacturer, we produce large diameter products for the mining industry and heavy equipment manufacturers. Ask us how we can help support all of your production fastening and assembly needs.


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