Steel Fabrication

Copper State proudly supports steel fabrication industries by manufacturing and supplying a huge inventory of large-diameter fasteners on-hand in Phoenix, Denver, and Reno. We offer everything from structural fasteners, hex bolts, anchor bolts, A325 and A490 bolts, and other manufactured specials, both domestic and imported.

In addition to our quality products, we also provide value-added on-site services to reduce your labor costs and to save you overall time and space on the jobsite. Our services include sequencing solutions and logictics, kitting and assembly, product labeling and identification, and VMI.

We also offer ease-of-use solutions for field operations. Our manufacturing facility is certified to ISO 9001:2008, with an in-house A2LA accredited quality lab for rotation capacity, so we can provide you with RoCap certifications, material test reports, and inspector samples. Additionally, we have a customer portal for you to access certifiactions at your convenience.


We make lot traceability effortless!

Not only do we certify our fasteners, but we can certify you too! We offer safety training and certificaction courses for powderactuated tools, fall protection, and more at our facilities or yours.


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