Custom Kitting & Packaging

Our custom kits are the best fit for you! Big or small, we package it all!


Copper State offers quality and versatile kitting, packaging, and product assembly services to simplify the way you manage your bill of materials and to meet your production or maintenance needs.


Our full-time production staff manages the bill of materials (BOM), capacity planning, the production scheduling, quality control, and of course, the production of the materials. Our staff in other markets are dedicated to handling one-time, specialty kits, or larger industry kits with the same production handling as in our kitting facility.


We package our products and produce kits in a variety of shapes, types, and in all sizes to fit your needs. Some of our materials include boxes, bags, biodegradable poly material, totes, pallets, and reusable bins for lean manufacturing lines. We also offer various packaging and kitting quantity options for you to choose from.


Our operation is set up to manage agile production lines of between 500 and 1,000 different customer kits at once. We manage the inventory of anything from the raw parts, either fasteners or other items, to the light assembly of fasteners and customer/ consigned products, along with customer specific labeling options.


Copper State supplies custom kitting, packaging, and assembly services to a range of customers and industries. These specialty services can often be bundled with our VMI services, providing you with absolute confi dence that your production line, maintenance facility, or repair operation has everything you need. We are also proud to support lean manufacturing, environmentally sustainable packaging materials, and an outstanding production team. Custom & Private Labeling Versatile Packaging & Kitting Options


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