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Sequencing and Logistics

Our job is not done after you purchase our products...It’s only the beginning


Copper State is dedicated to excellence in all phases of our business through a strong commitment to quality and customer service. We provide customers with exceptional products and services that go beyond traditional customer-supplier relationships.


We are not just a product supplier, but a solutions provider as well. We understand total cost of ownership in that handling and installing processes can be costlier than purchasing products alone, so we utilize strategic sequencing and logistics to reduce your labor costs and to save you time on the field.


Our unparalleled labeling and palletization techniques are used to arrange your products in their point-of-use order prior to delivery to ease your receiving processes, reduce loss of product, and to save you space on the jobsite.


If you need an abundance of supplies for a large-scale project but have minimal storage space, we can help! We offer different inventory options including on-site VMI/Binstocking services, jobsite trailers, and even local integration warehouse capabilities.


We provide specialty sequencing and logistics support to a number of industries including renewable energy, construction, mining, steel fabrication, and manufacturing. We are ready to be your trusted, innovative, and integrated supplier!


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