Systems Integration

Trusted integration throughout our business together


Copper State values its relationship with customers well beyond the products we provide. In today’s technological marketplace, information is King and we recognize the speed, efficiency, and accuracy that can be gained through systems integration with our customers.


In addition to system and technology resources within our operations, we work closely with our customers to share information electronically, extending trust and integrity in our relationship. We offer traditional electronic data interchange (EDI), customer-specific EDI or fi le-transfer, customer portal document management, and a website punchout as options for our customers to leverage.


As technology and information access continues to evolve, we are committed to strengthening our integration support with greater website access, ERP portal access, smartphone apps, and other tools to help our customers stay connected.


We have been successful integrating with such systems as SAP (and Ariba), Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, JD Edwards, and others that our customers may use. With our experience working with larger customers or government entities, we have established confi dence and capability that allows us to offer similar integration services to any one of our customers.


Copper State is intent to meet our customer needs for information access, automated order processing, document management, and simplification of operations. We value the opportunity to provide you with outstanding products, great service, and tightly integrated business solutions.


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